For 30 years you have been able to

trust Senator Lucio

Trust Lucio. Vote Lucio.

Early Voting is June 29-July 10;
Election Day is Tuesday, July 14

Planned Parenthood, Texas Freedom Network et al are using a racial slur to falsely malign Senator Lucio for not supporting their radical abortion agenda.  That’s pretty rich considering Planned Parenthood’s shameful history of racism and eugenics.

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.

100% Pro-Life


FOR life-saving protections for babies who survive abortions late in pregnancy

FOR humanely burying fetal remains

FOR tax-supported healthcare of his constituents that heals & saves lives

FOR sonograms & informed consent for women considering abortion

FOR protecting parents’ right to be involved in minor daughters’ surgical decisions

Sara Stapleton Barrera

          100% with Planned Parenthood     


AGAINST life-saving protections for babies who survive late abortions


AGAINST humanely disposing of fetal remains; FOR selling baby body parts


AGAINST limiting abortion even in the 9th month of pregnancy; FOR making YOU pay for it

AGAINST sonograms & other informed consent measures for women considering abortion


AGAINST parental involvement laws

Senator Lucio works across the aisle in a Republican-controlled legislature to deliver results to The Valley.  Senate District 27 has a lot of rebuilding to do after Covid-19.  Will you send a rookie to Austin to play partisan politics and fight for extremist abortion legislation? Or will you return a senior statesman with the relationships and know-how to get things done for the RGV? 

Trust Lucio. Vote Lucio. 

on Tuesday, July 14

(Early Voting is June 29-July 10)

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